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No Joints, No Leaks

The Mustang aluminium seamless gutter system provides a leak-free, low maintenance solution for any pitched roof.


The gutter is produced on site from pre-coloured aluminium coil, roll formed in continuous lengths of up to 30 meters.  Brackets, stop ends and outlets are installed at ground level before the finished section is raised to roof level. If corners are required, the product is mitred and two part interlocking corners are installed once the gutter has been fixed into place.


No Joints -  The main benefit of seamless guttering is the fact that there are no seams or joints with exception of corners and outlets.  This reduces the possibility for leaks which are common over time even with well-constructed sectional guttering.  Seamless guttering of up to 30 meters can be installed without a need for expansion joint.  Seams also form ridges on the bottom of the gutter which reduce flow, backing up water and debris therefore increasing the opportunity for blockages and the need for cleaning.

Durability – Aluminium will not rust and has an expected lifespan in excess of 30 years.  This makes aluminium extremely cost effective and the perfect choice of material for seamless guttering.  The 0.9mm version has a BBA certificate for 30 years guarantee and is expected to last 50 years.  The same sealant is used as in the construction of sea walls.

Reduced Maintenance – Hydro-coated finish so no need for painting.  Reduced need for cleaning especially with gutter guard.

Attractive – the hydro-coated finish is colourfast and will not fade over time.  No visible fittings gives the visual appeal of smooth neat lines.  Available as standard in 4 colors (Black, White, Brown and Grey) with more colours available upon request.

Environmentally Friendly – Seamless guttering is roll formed on site and made to the exact dimensions of the building therefore reducing wasteage.  It is manufactured from up to 90% recycled aluminium making it an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice.  It can be fully recycled once it has reached the end of its useful life.

Strength -  will hold 3 times as much water as a standard gutter.  Tough OG shape will take the weight of a ladder. 

Economical – It is quick and easy to install with most of the work being carried out at ground level.  Once fitted, you can enjoy the benefits of reduced maintainance and repair work.

The Mustang Aluminium Seamless Gutter system is approved by the British Board of Agrement (BBA) and recently celebrated their 25th year of continuous certification.


Under the strict BBA guidelines set, both the manufacturer and approved installer network are audited and assessed twice yearly to ensure that the product and installers provide the highest possible standards.

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