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Sectional gutters consist of various sections being jointed together to form the rain gutter.  Metal sectional gutters can be made from a variety of materials such as aluminium, cast iron, galvanised/stainless steel, copper and zinc.  They are available in a range of profiles including half round, ogee and box sections and can be formed in different ways whether it be cast, pressed or extruded.

Aluminium sectional Guttering


Aluminium is strong, corrosion resistant, durable, and sustainable making it ideal for use in guttering.  All of these properties make aluminium guttering long lasting and offers lower lifetime costs as the need for repair and replacement is less. The most durable aluminium guttering systems will offer practically no maintenance for their life expectancy of 50 years or more.  It is also lighter and cheaper than cast iron but stronger than steel.  Available in a variety of colours, profiles and sizes.

  • Cast aluminium – Traditional appearance similar to cast iron but with all the benefits of aluminium.  Widley accepted as an alternative to cast iron due to their lightweight, corrosion resistant, low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing characteristics.

  • Extruded aluminium – Modern appearance of smooth lines, clean appearance and robust properties with many profile, colour and size options available.  A sustainable choice to both homeowner and specifier.

  • Pressed aluminium – Popular choice for contemporary designs within the industrial, housing and self-build markets.  Limited to a variety of box shape profiles but available in a range of colours and sizes.


Cast iron gutters are the traditional choice for durable and aesthetically pleasing systems. 

  • Cast iron gutters were introduced in the late 18th century as an alternative to lead.

  • Cast iron gutters are still specified for restoration work in conservation areas and are ideal for replacing existing cast iron products on heritage and listed buildings. 

  • With the correct maintenance it is expected to last in excess of 100 years.  Available in a wide variety of colour, size and profile.

cast iron guttering
galvanised steel gutters


Steel gutters are lightweight, contemporary, low maintenance and eco-friendly without the risk of shrinking, rusting or colour fading. 

Ideal for modern and traditional buildings alike and

available as galvanised, painted or stainless it has a modern appeal while being hard wearing and virtually maintenance free.



Copper or Zinc guttering is a smart, stylish and sustainable choice. They are low maintenance, enduring in harsh weather conditions and fully recyclable. They both form a thin layer called a patina. This patina covers the material and thus protects it from weather. The copper patina visibly changes colour beautifully with age changing through shades of brown and will finish up forming a blueish-green verdigris patina while zinc will change from light silver to a dark graphite grey.


Both materials have a life expectancy of 100 + years.  Copper has the added benefit of being an algaecide and fungicide which will keep moss and lichen growth to a minimum while mildly disinfecting the water.  These benefits make copper the perfect choice for rain water harvesting.

copper and zinc guttering



Water collected by a rain gutter is fed, usually via a down pipe from the roof edge to the base of the building where it is either discharged or collected. 


Stratus Guttering can supply, install, refurbish and repair all metal down pipes and hopper heads.  Whether it be standard plain, ornamental, contemporary, modern or even bespoke,  we can supply all type, size and colour to meet your requirements.

Contact Us Today to discuss your requirements or arrange a free, no obligation quotation and on site survey.

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